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A progressive farming

agribusiness in Canterbury &

the Waikato.

Welcome to Spectrum Group. 

Established in 2001, Spectrum Group has farming operations in Canterbury, Waikato and King Country. We pride ourselves on a unique business model that provides autonomy and responsibility to management aimed at developing talent to help maximise business performance.

Our guiding principle is that the land is entrusted to our care by previous generations, and it is our responsibility to improve what is borrowed from our children. Spectrum Group aims to build knowledge, resilience, and prosperity in the people within the group by empowering them to take responsibility and share our focus for operational excellence.

Our guiding pillars help us fulfil our desire to provide a culture where people get the opportunity to operate the total farming business and reap the rewards and benefits that go with that. Our guiding principles include leadership, performance, honesty and motivation. Our people feel valued, are proud of their association and benefit from being a part of our Spectrum Family.

The people that make up Spectrum Group are at the heart of our agribusiness

"From our on-farm teams through to our office-based team, everyone has an important role to play."

Assets come and go but people are the heartbeat of operating a successful agribusiness.  From our shareholders, directors, farm and office-based teams and loyal service providers, everyone has an important part to play. Providing opportunity for growth and development is important to us and innovative thinking around remuneration supports lifetime careers for those who are willing. 

Where are we?

Spectrum Group's current farming profile consists of dairy and support operations based in Canterbury, Waikato and King Country. The properties within the Group represent investments in a mix of sole owned, multi owned, leasehold and management properties.

The Groups farming interests and people are supported by a head office located in the heart of the Waikato in Te Awamutu.

Our Story

Spectrum Group is a family owned agribusiness for the O’Connor, Farrelly and Sterritt families. 

Our People

At the heart of the Spectrum Group success, is the people.

Our Farms

Our Spectrum Group Farms supply top quality milk to both Fonterra and Open Country Dairy.

New Zealand’s Premium Agribusiness

Our Mission

The relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do to deliver a positive outcome for everyone who is part of the Spectrum family

People and Operational Excellence

Integrity and Culture

Sustainability, Animals and the Environment