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Holdings Ltd

Adjoining Jamieson Dairies Ltd, Mitcham Holdings was purchased in 2008 as an existing dairy farm. Once separated from the larger block, this farm now meets the desired scale and infrastructure attributes of an efficient dairy business.

Wintering 780 cows, the 205ha property is complemented with a full range of farm buildings and four well maintained homes providing sufficient high quality staff accommodation.  

The predominantly Friesian herd are fitted with Allflex collars as part of our strategy to improve the people and animal welfare standards within the Group. Auto-drafting at the dairy in conjunction with Allflex collars has successfully achieved greater time flexibility for the on-farm team.

Operational facilities include:

  • A 60-bail rotary dairy built in 2003 (the only dairy within the Group that revolves clockwise) has been modernised to achieve necessary efficiencies.

  • ACR’s with auto in-bail teat spray.

  • Pro-track drafting with in-bail ID and Allflex collar monitoring.

  • In shed feeding (grain and molasses) with the individual feeding module.

  • Upgraded effluent system in 2019 with a vibrating screen for solids separation with green water injected to the pivot irrigation system covering 85% of the farm.

Mitcham Holdings is fully irrigated with water suppled from deep wells and delivered through two centre pivots and one rotorainer irrigator.