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Road Grazing

Farm Business Manager 

Bryan Mitchell

Situated south-west of Christchurch city at West Melton, Hayes Road Grazing is Spectrum’s northern most business in Canterbury. As the name suggests, this is where our heifers are grown from weaning to pre-calving.

The property is a mix of Spectrum owned and long-term leasehold land. This venture began in 2017 when the Hayes family upgraded irrigation, stock water and fencing prior to the lease commencing in readiness for heifers to arrive.

Today the 380ha property finishes 1100 dairy heifers annually for the Group.

Operational facilities include:

  • Modern yarding and drafting facilities capable of handling multiple mobs safely.

  • An executive style home.

  • Separate staff kitchen and bathroom facility for drive in staff.

  • Irrigation is delivered via pivot and K-line irrigation with water supplied from the Central Plains Water scheme.

There are substantial dryland areas on the property and multi-species pastures have been used to successfully improve dry matter production. Using such species complements Spectrum’s sustainability model and water efficiency drive.