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Dairies Ltd

Farm Business Manager 

Aaron Olesen

Totman Dairies provides a total operational management package to absentee farm owners under a 50/50 sharemilking arrangement.

Purchased in 2016, the property has undergone a complete re-development and now supports this large-scale dairy operation in conjunction with the owner’s horse agistment enterprise.

Based near the Waikato town of Tirau, the property has a range of contours from flat, rolling to steep providing some challenging management requirements. The business operates a spring calving herd of 720 cows as well as running carryover cows from the Group on the more challenging land to maintain pasture quality on steeper contours.

The farm totals 430 hectares with around 300ha dedicated to the dairy and dry stock platform with a range of well-maintained farm buildings and housing which meets the NZ healthy Homes standards.

Like the Canterbury dairies, Allflex collars have been fitted to the herd to utilise the technology upgrades that have been made. This is the first Waikato herd in the Group to use Allflex collars.

  • Operational facilities include:

  • A 40-bale rotary dairy.

  • ACR’s with an in-bale teat spraying system.

  • Pro-track drafting and Allflex monitoring.

  • Feed pad attached.

To help manage the challenging topography and energy imbalance, we have chosen a 10 in 7 days milking routine to create better efficiencies.