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Glen Dairies Ltd

Farm Business Manager

Liam Quinlan

Purchased and converted to dairy in 2008, Island Glen Dairies is the Southernmost farm within the Spectrum Group situated on Rangitata Island Road between two branches of the Rangitata River.

A regular high performer, the soil types and climatic conditions on this farm do vary from the other farms within the Group offering both challenges and opportunities.

Island Glen utilises a cropping regime as part of its annual management plan to help enhance summer and autumn production whilst also introducing the latest pasture cultivars to the property.

The property consists of 206ha and milks 770 cows annually.

The farm is supported by a full range of buildings and four modern brick homes providing high quality accommodation for all staff.  All houses meet the NZ Healthy Homes standard.

The Kiwi-cross herd are fitted with Allflex collars to help improve the welfare of our people and livestock by providing greater flexibility in the workplace and full-time monitoring of cow’s movement and rumination.

 Operational facilities include:

  • 50-bail rotary dairy.

  • ACR’s with auto in-bail teat spraying.

  • Pro-track drafting facilities to manage Allflex collar alerts.

  • A two-pond effluent system separates green water which is then applied through pivot irrigators to 80% of the farm.

Island Glen Dairies is fully irrigated with water supplied from two deep wells on the property via two pivots and one rotorainer irrigator.